Green means saving money and conserving energy

Welcome to “The Green Blog” – Climate Concepts Blog about energy conservation (Green) and saving money (Green). These are two things we are passionate about in our business … helping our customers conserve energy while saving money. Even if you know us well, you may not know we are the only Premier Cool Smart HVAC Contractor in our service region under the Mass Save program – and a Cool Smart QIV Contractor (Quality Installation Verification).

Conserve EnergyLet’s look at the phrase “conserve energy while saving money” … how can you do that? Not everyone has the space to put up enough solar panels or a wind turbine! Well, not to blow our own horn, but this is where our expertise and commitment to our customers really shows. We have dedicated office staff available to ensure you get the rebates and incentives you deserve when either updating or installing an HVAC system or component. Seriously, as great a program as Mass Save is, navigating through all the paperwork and understanding the whole of the process can be a bit daunting. We take all of that out of the equation for you! This allows you to concentrate on the important stuff … saving energy and saving money. How else will we save you money? First you need to understand a dirty little secret about our industry. Up until maybe the last twenty years or so there was no generally accepted simple process for sizing an HVAC System. There was a generally accepted “rule of thumb” that basically over-sized most of the systems installed. To make matters worse, if you had a forced hot air system installed, many times the duct work was HVAC Manual J Softwareundersized. With the advent of the Desktop Computer, software models were developed to make this sizing process greatly simplified and standardized. The problem was then that many of the “old-timers” in the industry – and many of the non-computer literate contractors still didn’t bother to follow the Manual J load calc requirements. This is a subject we could go on about for hours … and over time will … but the main point to this is the majority of homes built have over-sized systems with undersized duct work. This is a recipe for inefficiency (higher energy costs) and early failure of components (higher cost of maintenance). Many homeowners even thought that “bigger was better” … and the sad truth is that to have an efficient system, it has to be the right size. Think of it this way … if you had the right sized system capable of moving 600 Cubic Feet of air per minute, and a large system that would be capable of moving 900 Cubic Feet of air per minute, but could only move 600 CFM because the duct work was undersized, which one is better? The end result? Some rooms never heat or cool as evenly as other rooms … with A/C you may have some rooms sweat or feel humid … units HVAC Calculationscycle too frequently causing early (and sometimes frequent) component failures … mold grows … and unfortunately I could go on! We only will install properly sized units. We’ve seen dozens of times when a competitors quote had a larger system quoted and we had to explain that this is simply not a better deal. Fortunately, we have something called “math” to back us up. Our calculations are rock solid and have never been found to be inaccurate in operation. Our bottom line is that we will provide an efficiently running system sized to operate properly. This saves you money every month it is in operation and it saves you money over the long term by avoiding the cost of repairs associated with an improper installation. By having us install a “right sized” energy efficient system, you will get the benefit of getting all of the available rebates and incentives, lower monthly energy costs, improved comfort, better Indoor Air Quality and the confidence of knowing that you have the Climate Concepts Team working for you.

Air ConditioningIf you are interested in even just finding out what might be available to assist you in saving money on energy costs, please feel free to contact us. But here’s something that you might not hear other contractors say … call around to our competitors first. Meet with at least two other contractors before you meet with us. We are confident you will see such an extraordinary difference in the way we approach customer satisfaction throughout our entire course of doing business that you will be thrilled you did.

Thank you for reading … next up will be How To Choose An HVAC Contractor.

This blog was written by Jay Sparling who works as Business Development Manager for Climate Concepts HVAC Contractors, Inc. .

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