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HVAC ContractorClimate Concepts, HVAC Contractors,  was founded in 1999 by Tim Dubuc. We are different from our competition because – very simply – we do the job right. There are a number of notable quotes about right and wrong, and at Climate Concepts we believe in doing things right. The problem we face is there are more people in our industry that do things “wrong” than there are that do things “right”. Why?

Heating, AC and Ventilation Systems

Let me explain … there was a day when HVAC contractors used a “rule of thumb” to size the Heating, AC and ventilation systems in homes and commercial buildings. This “rule of thumb” was based on years of experience and unfortunately some misconceptions. If you add the faulty basis for some of the “rules of thumb” and add in the fact that there HVAC Contractorreally are some unethical or uncaring contractors out there … it adds up to many, many homes and buildings (maybe even the majority!) not having the right sized heating system, duct work, or cooling system installed. Add the fact that very few systems are properly maintained, and very few technicians even know how to properly charge refrigerant and you have all of the ingredients for system failure. Now, to be fair, many of the HVAC contractors “rules of thumb” were thought to be very conservative … meaning that the systems were over sized. In their day, this was considered OK because the logic was that the system wouldn’t have to work too hard. Unfortunately that just isn’t the case … right is right, and anything else is wrong …either it will cost you more money in energy bills, it will create a situation where you may not get the full life of the system, your cooling system will need to work harder … and the list goes on. Let me be as clear and concise as possible … it’s all mathematical. The testing tools and knowledge we have today are worlds away from even 5 years ago … but the math hasn’t changed! If a contractor has not stayed current with changes in technology, they may still be relying on outdated and inaccurate “Rules of Thumb”. Don’t take it just from me … this training document is technical, but it does an excellent job of explaining how “math based” this specialty is. Also, check out our FAQ’s to see what some of the misconceptions were.


 Proper Installation and Maintenance

How does Climate Concepts “do it right”?  Well, it depends on whether we are dealing with a new system or an existing installation. New is by far easier than existing if for no Furnace Service Contractorother reason we don’t have to explain why it was wrong in the first place! A proper installation by a professional HVAC Contractor considers the functional specs of the equipment, insulation and sealing materials … a proper installation will consider “U-Value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients” … a proper installation means the architect considered the duct work requirements and distribution in his or her design … a proper installation is leak free … a proper installation is tested for performance and signed off as conforming to specifications. This is the “Climate Concepts Way” … we pride ourselves on the level of training, competence and integrity of our technicians.

Our Exclusive Guarantee

We are so confident of our installations that we offer a 10 year guarantee on our installations – as long as we are contracted to maintain them. That’s parts and labor! Existing installations are a bit different – each one has its own uniqueness. Instead of being critical about installations … and believe meFurnace Repair it is not pleasant for home or facility owners to hear what was done wrong and why … here is our guarantee. If you allow us to “bring your system up to our standards”, we will give you a 1 year warranty on parts and labor for the work we have done– again, as long as we are contracted to maintain them. We offer this because we are so confident that our techs will be able to be proactive and prevent system failures that, if we do have a system fail, we are willing to absorb the cost of that failure. Ask any other HVAC Contractor if they will offer you this!

Peace of Mind

When it comes to your heating or cooling system, you deserve the peace of mind using Climate Concepts will bring you. We offer Furnace Repair24hrX365day support for our customers … and if you are one of our registered maintenance customers, you don’t have to worry about paying “emergency services fees” … it’s included in your maintenance contract and our guarantee of your system continuing to work because we do maintain it. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers we enjoy servicing and call us today for all of your HVAC Contractor needs.


Here’s an example of the type of training we provide our technicians … it’s over an hour long, so don’t worry, we don’t expect you to watch the whole thing … but it will give you an idea why our technicians are extremely technically competent.

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