Duct Sealing

We Seal Duct Leaks and Save You Money! $$$

duct sealingThe Department of Energy (D.O.E.) has published statistics indicating that the average duct system leaks between 20% and 40%. This applies to even to new ductwork that has had the most painstaking manual sealing process performed. What is the alternative? Aeroseal – sealing the ducts using an aerosol material which seals the openings from the inside of the ducts. Climate Concepts, HVAC Contractors Inc. is proud to announce the creation of a DBA – Aeroseal of Southern New England – which is poised to help not only our customers, but the general contracting community as well.

Kinsey Report

Trillion BTU’s Lost

For Residential and Light Commercial Customers – Why Duct Sealing?  Never mind the cost savings associated with getting your ducts sealed – because frankly, that is about number 4 on our list of reasons to get your ducts sealed. Number one is comfort. A Heating and Air Conditioning system is only as good as the duct system. If you have an 80% efficient furnace, did you know that you will see greater system performance by getting your ducts sealed than by upgrading to a 97% efficient furnace? The performance difference offered by duct sealing is staggering. What does that mean? A much more comfortable living or work space. Is there a constant battle over the thermostat setting? Are there areas in your home or office that never heat or cool properly? The primary reason for this is that the system cannot get properly pressurized to push air to those locations. The primary cause? Duct leakage. How about Indoor Air Quality? Did you know that with leaky ducts, air meant for conditioned spaces enter unconditioned spaces (like inside walls, in the attic or basement) and that air from those same unconditioned spaces get introduced into the ductwork. That dust, mold, mildew and more gets blown back into the living or work space. The E.P.A. indicates that indoor air is 4 to 100 times more polluted than outside air! Leaky ducts are a primary contributor to this indoor air quality crisis. Next, how about dust? Do you find your house needs to constantly be dusted? No matter how many times you dust, as soon as you turn your back it looks like you should dust again? You got it – leaky ducts suck dust in from unconditioned spaces and deposit into your living or work area via the duct system. Are you an environmentalist? Concerned about our carbon footprint? How would you like to reduce your carbon footprint by between 20% and 40% in a day? Did you know there are tens of TRILLIONS of BTU’s lost due to duct leakage annually? Duct sealing is the single most significant step you can take to reduce energy consumption in your home or office. Sure, the savings are great, but there are a whole host of other reasons to get your ducts sealed – from the inside!

Contractors – Need we say anymore than IECC2012 duct leakage requirements? Even the stretch code communities that are able to use IECC2009 are difficult to meet … how about giving us about one day to guarantee that your system will exceed the requirements set forth in either of these standards? Your install team will need to properly assembly the duct system, but leave the sealing – that’s ALL the sealing – to us. What does that mean for you? Have your install team go onto the next job! This is a phenomenal way for you to increase your installations revenues – and – because we are a DBA and are doing business as Aeroseal of Southern New England, there will be no “Climate Concepts” vehicles coming onto your job site. We see this as a great opportunity for local contractors to benefit from a strategic alliance with Aeroseal of Southern New England as opposed to competing with Aeroseal of Southern New England.